A Software Development Manifesto

A manifesto is a set of principles with which most people in the team are aligned. There will be some who may not agree with everything in the document and that’s fine as long as the majority of team members believe in it, understand it, are ready to talk about it, and even defend it.

What happened at deCODE’16?

This blog is about our experience at DECODE’16 and the value that you may gain from participating in this type of event, either as a hacker or an industry coach.

How to run a successful hackathon in 7 steps: A Development Manager’s guide

A step-by-step guide on how to start and host your own internal hackathon event in your software development organization bringing to life your developers brilliant ideas.

Klipfolio gets cozy with Plotly

In this article, we show how Klipfolio integrates with the Plotly visualization library.

Metric Driven Change Management

How metrics are making the Klipfolio dev team more efficient and better able to meet the needs of our customers.

Can DevOps teams have a life in the age of cloud-based software?

Monitoring is a major challenge and 24/7/365 priority for DevOps. The question is: Can DevOps teams have a life in the age of cloud-based software?

Key metrics for agile development teams

The Klipfolio engineering team, like other areas of the business, uses the Klipfolio dashboard to monitor key metrics that help us deliver on development commitments. The metrics and visualizations that we monitor on our dashboard help us stay on track with respect to our goals.

Klipfolio extends flexibility with Vega integration

In this post, Klipfolio's own Senior Software Development Manager, Ali Pourshahid, helps power users and visualization champions to extend our visualizations by integrating Vego into our HTML templates.